Land to the SW of Strand Meadow

2nd May 2020 - Group puts forward alternative sites for housing in Burwash


The group has always believed that because Burwash is a ridge-top village, it is difficult
to find sites for housing. Further new developments must meet local housing need. In Burwash, that is homes for: a) the elderly to downsize, and b) young people. The houses must be ones they can afford. For the latter, this generally means social housing.

On Saturday 2 May 2020, at a Zoom meeting of the group, the following motion was passed:

“The group would welcome housing schemes for the Ashwood site, the Higher Nature site and the Oakleys site. It would consider any other site where development would not harm the AONB.”

2nd May 2020 - Burwash: Save our Fields rejects The Glebe site


On 2 May 2020, the group considered the comments received about The Glebe housing proposal and passed a motion opposing development at The Glebe field site.

May 2020 - The Glebe site and the Parish Council


In May 2020, the Planning Committee of the Parish Council recommended that the Glebe was not a suitable site for housing. The full meeting of the Parish Council will consider this recommendation and decide what advice should be given to the owner of the site. This meeting will be through Zoom at 7 pm on Tuesday 12 May 2020. 

21st April 2020 - Planning meeting about the new housing at the Glebe


On 21 April 2020, the Planning Committee of Burwash Parish Council held its meeting with Graham Fifield (the planning consultant) and George Arthur (the owner of The Glebe). The meeting was a virtual meeting, by Zoom. Graham Fifield read out his PowerPoint presentation, see below. Members of the public were able to join the meeting. The meeting was a fact-finding exercise with questions and comments afterwards. The meeting was adjourned to enable the community to consider the scheme. On a future date, when the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, there will be a public meeting for the public to make comments and for the councillors to determine their view on the scheme. The meeting has since been fixed for 12 May 2020 at 7 pm and will be by Zoom.

The discovery of the Early Bronze Age axe


The group has discovered that the first entry of the East Sussex Historic Environment Record for Burwash is for an axe found at or near the A265 exit of the ancient track in The Glebe field where the new housing is proposed. The axe was an ‘Early Bronze Age copper straight-sided flat axe’. The Early Bronze Age is 3300-2100 BC. The group has asked for more information about this find.

Burwash Parish Council decides not to consider The Glebe site as part of the
Neighbourhood Plan process


The planning committee of Burwash Parish Council has decided not to consider the proposed housing at The Glebe in the Neighbourhood Plan process as the final draft is ready for submission to the authorities. It will consider the proposed housing as a pre-
planning matter.

Burwash: Save our Fields conducts a consultation exercise about the proposed
housing at The Glebe


The group conducted a consultation exercise about the proposed housing at The Glebe site. The group was pleased with the number of replies and the care those who commented took to set out their views. The consultation exercise has now closed.


George Arthur proposes 22 new houses near The Glebe, Burwash


George Arthur of The Glebe in Burwash applied for pre-application advice from Rother
District Council about 22 new houses in his field. The field is on the left of the A265 as
you enter Burwash village from Etchingham at 30 mph sign. George Arthur was advised to approach the Parish Council about including the site in the housing allocation in the draft Neighbourhood Plan. On 20 March 2020, Graham Fifield, George Arthur’s agent, wrote to Burwash Parish Council asking for that to be considered. He  also sent details of the scheme.


Application for change of use of the land to enable the land to be used as a horse
sanctuary as well as agricultural use (2017)

On 12 May 2017, George Arthur applied for retrospective planning permission for change of use of his land from agriculture to agriculture and use as a horse sanctuary. The application was submitted by Graham Fifield. The Parish Council supported the
application and pointed out the need for protection of the ridge-top footpath from any damage. The East Sussex County Council Rights of Way officer recommended that the fields affected by the footpath should not be subdivided. These two statements indicated the importance the Parish Council and the Rights of Way officer attached to this footpath.

On 5 July 2017, the application was granted stating that ‘the grant of planning permission does not authorise any interference with, or disturbance of, the public right of way, which crosses the site’. There was a condition that the fields affected by the grant of permission should not be subdivided. George Arthur was asked to contact the Rights of Way team at East Sussex County Council to discuss footpath issues.

Application to vary the conditions imposed for the events (2016)

On 8 January 2016, Peter Jones applied to vary three of the conditions that were imposed in 2015. George Arthur later admitted that the application should have been in his name. The application was submitted by Graham Fifield. Amended conditions were imposed dealing with the time the applicant had to alter the access arrangement and screening conditions.

On 21 April 2020, at a planning meeting of Burwash Parish Council, George Arthur admitted that he had breached the condition about improving the access onto the A265.

Repeated application to use the grounds of The Glebe for events (2015)

On 24 April 2015, George Arthur again applied for planning permission for change of use so that he could use part of his property for ‘events, including camping, wedding receptions, meetings and corporate events’. The application was submitted by Graham Fifield.


On 16 October 2015, the application was granted with conditions.Neighbours say there have been repeated breaches of the conditions.

Application to use the grounds of The Glebe for events (2014)

On 20 August 2014, George Arthur applied for planning permission for change of use so that he could use part of his property for ‘events, including camping, wedding  receptions, meetings and corporate events’. The application was submitted by Graham Fifield. The traffic for these events would have used the drive for The Glebe, which is depicted on the plan above.


On 15 December 2014, Ben Lenton of East Sussex Highways recommended refusal of the proposal because ‘the existing access to the junction with the A265 has  substandard visibility and existing hazards would be increased by the additional flowing, stopping and turning traffic which would be created by the proposal’. He gave detailed reasons for that assessment. The planning application was refused because of visibility problems with the road access onto the A265.

Application to install solar panels (2001)

Mr and Mrs Tom Arthur, the then occupiers of The Glebe, applied for permission to erect solar panels on the roof at The Glebe. On 20 February 2001, the application was refused because the panels would be detrimental to the character of the listed building.


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