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Archaeology and Historical Information about Burwash 

Survey on Burwash and Watercress Field

In July 2017, Caroline Russell of Chris Butler MlfA Archaeological Services wrote a 29 page report for Russell Beswick about the history of Burwash and particularily Watercress Field. She starts with the Palaeolithic period (900,000-10,000 BC). She states that the A265 may date from this period. Her first finding in Burwash is a ‘small flint assemblage’ [a collection of items]. It is dated to the Mesolithic Period (10,000-4,000BC). The items were found on the south slope of the Burwash ridge. The history of Burwash, the ironworks and the ownership of Burwash are dealt with.

You can read more about articles such as the bronze axe found at The Glebe here:


Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County 

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