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Oakleys Garage, High Street

Current Status: Planning Application Submitted

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Oakleys Garage has been vacant since 2016 and is in a state of disrepair. Once a busy garage and an important business in Burwash, it is now an eyesore as you enter the village from the Western approach.

Plan2Develop are proposing to demolish the existing building and erect 3x 3 bedroom and 4x 4 bedroom houses on the site, with associated access, parking and landcaping.

oakleys new housing.JPG

Here is a selection of images of the proposed development.

oakleys new housing 2.JPG
oakleys new housing 3.JPG

Available Documents:

Existing and Proposed Site Location Plan

Planning Design and Access Statement

Proposed Street Scene and North to South Selection

Existing Roof Plan Elevations and Sections

Proposed Site Layout Plan

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