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Burwash and it's High Weald landscape - What is so special and worth conserving?

The High Weald is one of the best
surviving landscapes in Northern
Europe.  It has ancient woodland, full of undiscovered archaeology, wonderful wildlife, welcoming villages and 
sweeping views.


With a myriad of interconnecting paths and tracks, you can walk in the footsteps
of the Anglo-Saxons, get close up to nature and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

Burwash Parish is made up of three settlements along the ridge above the Rother and Dudwell valleys.  Burwash Common, Burwash Weald and Burwash village.

Burwash Village itself, is special. It has more ancient,listed buildings in its lime tree-lined High Street than any other village in East Sussex. It is important that residents, and visitors alike, recognise and value its character and architectural charm and also the wider area in which 
they are situated.

The parish is within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). A nationally important and protected landscape, and we should ensure it remains so for future generations to enjoy.

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