Government Planning Proposals

A working group has been set up to publicise the changes, encourage people to comment on the proposals and make representations to central government. The group members include representatives from Etchingham Parish Council, Burwash Parish Council and Ticehurst Parish Council.

Document - Understanding the threat the proposals pose

Document - Comments on the proposals

The Bell, Burwash High Street

The group passed the following motion unanimously:

‘There should be no change of use granted to the owners of The Bell to permit the ancient and important building at the centre of Burwash to be turned into housing units. Everything should be done to stop Burwash High Street turning into just a dormitory. Burwash High Street should remain a social centre. Planning authorities should not cave into grot spot blackmail.’

For history of the building - click here

The Glover Report

The group has set up a working group to make submissions to the authorities about the Glover report. The report will change the status and name of the AONB. The consultation period ends 18th December 2020.

Burwash Conservation Area

The group is to make an application for the Burwash Conservation Area to be extended both at the westerly end and at the easterly end.


They have drafted a paper for the Parish Council which invites the Council to be a co-applicant for the extensions. The group looks forward to working with various groups and individuals to achieve the extensions.


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For the group's appraisal click here

The Glebe Site and the Parish Council

The Planning Committee of the Parish Council has recommended that The Glebe is not a suitable site. The full meeting of the Parish Council considered this recommendation and decided what advice should be given to the owner of the site. The meeting was held on Zoom on Tuesday 12th May 2020

The Glebe site and the consultation exercise

The group considered the comments received about The Glebe housing proposal. The group
then decided to oppose development at The Glebe field site.

New Housing in Burwash

The group has always believed that because Burwash is a ridge top village, it is difficult to find sites for housing. Further new developments must meet local housing need. In Burwash, that is homes a) for the elderly to downsize and b) for young people which they can afford. For the latter this generally means social housing.


On Saturday 2 nd May 2020, at a Zoom meeting of the group the following motion was passed.


The group would welcome housing schemes for the Ashwood site, the Higher Nature site
and the Oakleys’ site. They would consider any other site where development would not
harm the AONB.

Transcript of the planning meeting about The Glebe available

Members of the group have written a transcript for the planning meeting on 21st April 2020, where Graham Fifield (the planning consultant) and George Arthur (the owner) described the proposed housing scheme at The Glebe. The two also answered questions.

Document - The transcript

Planning meeting about the new housing at the Glebe

On 21 April 2020, the Planning Committee of Burwash Parish Council held their meeting with Graham Fifield (the planning consultant) and George Arthur (the owner) at The Glebe. Graham Fifield read out his power point presentation, see below. The meeting was a virtual meeting, by Zoom. Members of the public were able to join the meeting. The meeting was a fact-finding exercise with questions and comments afterwards. The meeting was adjourned to enable the community to consider the scheme. On a future date, when the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, there will be a public meeting for the public to make comments and for the councillors to decide their view on the scheme.

Document - Graham Fifield - PowerPoint Presentation 

Document - Assessment of The Glebe

The Glebe track might be older than we thought

The group has discovered that the first entry of the East Sussex Historic Environment Record for Burwash is for an axe found at or near the A265 exit of the ancient track in The Glebe field where the new housing is proposed. The axe was an ‘early Bronze Age copper straight-sided flat axe’. Early Bronze age is 3300-2100 BC. The group will look for more information about this find.

The proposed new housing at The Glebe and the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan

The planning committee of Burwash Parish Council has decided not to consider the proposed housing at The Glebe in the Neighbourhood Plan process as the final draft is ready for submission to the authorities. They will consider the proposed house as a pre-planning matter. 

Document - Submission for pre-application advice - Burwash Parish Council

Consultation about the proposed housing at The Glebe

The group is conducting a consultation exercise about The Glebe. It is currently discussing the issue with it's core group members. The consultation exercise has now started, and you can add a comment by clicking here.


Rother District Council has issued the changes to its planning procedures so they conform with the Government’s Covid-19 instruction. It includes a ban on any new consultation periods with the community, which in effect means no new planning can go beyond the Council’s initial consideration process.


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Proposals for 22 new houses near The Glebe, Burwash

George Arthur of The Glebe in Burwash has applied for pre-application advice from Rother District Council about 22 new houses in his field. The field is on the left of the A265 as you enter Burwash village from Etchingham at 30 mph sign.

For more details click here

Ashwood Application

There has been an application for housing at the Ashwood Nursing Home site. For the details, see our page here: Ashwood Development

For now there are limited details, but it is not an outline or detailed planning application, but merely a Permission in Principle application. We know the proposed development will be approximately 7-9 units. We anticipate the community will support housing here as it is a brownfield site and it is turning into a grot spot. More details in the coming days/weeks.

Request for access to Watercress Field.

We recently requested access to the field to conduct an independent review in respect to ecology, soil and piling, as these are important considerations. This access was bluntly denied by Park Lane, which says more about Park Lane's attitude to the local community than perhaps the author of their email intended. You can read our email and the reply below.

Document - Our Request

Document - Reply from Park Lane

Watercress Field - off Strand Meadow

A consultation with the village was held on Wednesday 8th January 2020 where the draft plans were on display.

Document - The architect's presentation

Document - Response from Burwash Save our Fields

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