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Burwash Neighbourhood Plan and Saving the AONB

second day - 3rd February 2022

As you may know the developer, who is trying to build houses on Watercress Field, off Strand Meadow in Burwash, started legal proceeding about the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan. The developer claims Rother District Council was not able to put the Neighbourhood Plan to a referendum because the Plan did not include his development. 

You might think that this was a bit rich as the plan had been passed by one of the most experienced Neighbourhood Planning Inspectors and the developer had written extensively to Rother District Council and the Inspector. 

The legal action is a Judicial Review in the High Court, before a High Court Judge. It is called Park Lane Homes (S-E) v Rother District Council. A Judge has granted Burwash: Save Our Fields permission to be a party to the proceeding so the local community has a voice at all stages of the proceedings. 

Burwash: Save our Fields asked that the hearing should be a virtual hearing so the local community could hear the case. The developer wanted a hearing in open court where because of Covid restriction very few people could attend. The Judge made it a virtual hearing and 68 people were able to see and listen to the hearing on their computer by just pressing a link. 

The hearing in the High Court opened on 13th January when Park Lane’s Counsel gave a lengthy account of their claims which lasted all day.  The court adjourned late afternoon and has now agreed on a new date for the hearing to continue. This will be 3 February 2022.

The same arrangements will apply on 3 February when Rother District Council and Burwash: Save our Fields will address the Court. If you were sent a link by the Court for the last hearing, you will be sent a link for the next hearing. If you did not, you can apply to the Judge’s clerk for a link

Please quote the hearing name or the number CO/2831/2021.
To help the Court please apply as soon as possible. Do not leave your request until the last day.

Please show your support for the Neighbourhood Plan, for those who live near Watercress Field and help protect the AONB Please pass this message on to people you may think might be interested. 

Important Advice

Please note you do not need to download any software to join the court proceedings, you just need to go online and click the link you have been sent.

Once you are admitted you must turn off your microphone and camera. No recording is allowed.

For enquires please write to 

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