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The objectives of Burwash: Save our Fields are:

a)    To help others to provide well-designed housing in the parish of Burwash, which residents can afford. Such housing must be in the right place and must not harm the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

b)    To identify planning applications in the parish of Burwash that would harm the beauty and character of: 

i) The historic village of Burwash, 
ii) Burwash Weald and Burwash Common, and 
iii) The High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

c)    To inform the public of inappropriate planning applications, marshal opposition to those applications and draft submissions to the planning authorities about those planning applications.

d)    To identify planning applications that preserve and enhance the beauty of the places listed in para a) and perform the tasks listed in para b) for those applications.

e)    To disseminate information to our supporters to increase public awareness of environmental issues and Burwash: Save our Fields.

f)    When requested, to assist similar groups to Burwash: Save our Fields to oppose inappropriate development in their area.

g)    To make representations to the authorities about draft planning documents.

h)    To take part in such other environmental activity which the supporters of Burwash: Save our Fields think appropriate. 

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